Supercar Finance

Fortier promptly initiates loans for supercars, unlocking cash, and utilising a global network of reliable partners.

Supercar Finance

Fortier promptly initiates loans for supercars, unlocking cash, and utilising a global network of reliable partners.

Funding Solutions for High Value Supercars

In the realm of high-performance vehicles, a supercar is characterised by its exceptional performance, typically produced in limited quantities, and comes with a price tag of no less than six figures.

A noteworthy trend among automotive enthusiasts and investors is the burgeoning interest in classic car collections.

Remarkably, these collections have demonstrated superior performance compared to other conventional investment options in recent times.

Securing financing for a prestigious car is easily accessible through Fortier, featuring access to competitive interest rates with our trusted partners, and personalised options such as tailored balloons and early repayment choices. This approach provides clients with the flexibility to manage their investment in luxury automobiles with financial arrangements that align seamlessly with their preferences and goals.

How we do it

Knowledge & Experience

We have cultivated a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is meticulously crafted to address the unique demands of our discerning clients, ensuring they receive the essential financial support for their supercar investments.

At Fortier, our commitment extends to providing a diverse array of financing solutions, each intricately tailored to suit various situations and time-sensitive transactions.

Whether our clients are embarking on the acquisition of a high-performance vehicle or navigating intricate financial timelines, our overarching objective is to furnish flexible and customised financing options.

Key Considerations

Registration of ownership
Registering ownership of a supercar is crucial for the lender, and it is advisable to share pertinent information before initiating discussions with potential lenders.
Maintenance certificate
The lender will likely request access to the supercar’s logbook to conduct maintenance checks and assess the overall condition of the vehicle.
The headline interest rates for car financing (APR) exceed those typically associated with real estate. This information will be transparently presented by the brokerage, and it is highly advisable to seek independent advice before embarking on this financial commitment.
Selection of lender
We engage in negotiations with a variety of financial institutions, working diligently to secure a favorable arrangement that aligns with the borrower’s requests. Our goal is to offer the borrower flexible solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs.
The supercar will require a comprehensive insurance package and subject to the lenders’ acceptance.

Our dedicated team brings expertise to effectively handle the financing needs of sophisticated borrowers, offering customised solutions to optimise financial arrangements in response to changing circumstances.

Fortier’s commitment to excellence is evident in our collaborative partnerships with challenger and disruptive lending institutions. This network empowers us to deliver client-focused solutions that align with individual preferences and financial goals.

With Fortier, you can be confident that your supercar acquisition journey will be both enjoyable and efficiently managed, providing a personalised experience tailored to your needs.