Legal Notice

The French branch of Finance Finance SASU is a mortgage brokerage authorised in France, registered as an intermediary in banking operations and payment services in the unique register of intermediaries held by the ORIAS ( under number 21001422.
Fortier Finance SASU.

  • Single person simplified stock company with a share capital of €1,000 euros, registered with the Nice RCS under number 841 648 975.
  • Registered office at 5 Quai des deux Emmanuel – 06300 Nice.
  • Registered in the single register of banking and finance intermediaries in the categories: Banking brokers (COB) under number 21001422 (ORIAS)
  • VAT Number : FR77841648975.
  • Professional Civil Liability Insurance: AIG
  • Subject to the control of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) 4, place de Budapest CS 92459 – 75436 Paris
  • The website is a site published and operated by the company Fortier Finance SASU.

If you have a complaint or claim, please contact Liam Wilkinson, [email protected], or write to us at Fortier Finance, 5 Quai des deux Emmanuel, Nice, 06300, France.

Product & Services

The website and information shared serves as a comprehensive resource offering both general and practical insights into the intricacies of mortgage lending and credit operations in Europe. Specifically tailored to cater to the needs of international clients engaging in property transactions within Europe, with a particular emphasis on the primary market in France, it provides users with valuable information.

Users navigating the website can access indicative lending solutions designed to assist international clients in their property acquisitions. These solutions are especially relevant for those contemplating real estate investments in France and across Europe. The site facilitates a user-friendly experience by allowing individuals to estimate crucial financial aspects such as monthly loan installments, the anticipated cost of credit, the theoretical duration of repayment, and their borrowing capacity. This estimation is based on specified criteria and individual circumstances, empowering users to make informed financial decisions aligned with their unique requirements and preferences.

Entering into a mortgage represents a substantial commitment that necessitates repayment. It is imperative to thoroughly assess your borrowing capacity before making this commitment. Failure to keep up with mortgage payments may lead to the repossession of your home. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation, considering your income, expenses, and any potential changes that may affect your ability to meet mortgage obligations over the long term.

This proactive approach ensures that you enter into a mortgage arrangement with a clear understanding of your financial capabilities and minimizes the risk of facing challenges in meeting repayment obligations down the line.

General Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions outline the requirements for individuals accessing the site and utilizing its services. By accessing or using the site, users are deemed to accept and adhere to all these terms. If a user disagrees with any part of these terms, they should refrain from using the site immediately.

Users affirm that they possess the legal capacity to accept these terms, being of legal age and not under guardianship or curatorship.

Fortier Finance retains the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be reflected in a new version, applicable automatically to site visits and service usage after publication on the site.