High-value Mortgage Experts In Europe


Fortier is a market-leading mortgage expert, securing high-value financing in Europe for requests starting at €1,000,000.

The European mortgage market is dynamic, characterised by evolving lending criterias’ and ever changing products. Fortier provides a clear pathway to a trusted network of retail, challenger, and private banks, ensuring a comprehensive and impartial approach to the entire mortgage market in Europe. 


Since our establishment in 2021, our presence has been recognised in reputable publications such as the Financial Times (2023) and The Sunday Times (2022). Our distinguished track record amongst private client advisors showcases our commitment to offering exceptional guidance and expert advice to the most discerning clients.

We do not showcase our significant deals on social media, and we keep our clients’ names confidential. In our business, operating with discretion is a fundamental aspect of our organisation, and we are content to uphold this approach to business. 


our commitment to company values is unwavering, with accountability, integrity, and honesty serving as foundational principles embraced by both our leadership and team members. 

These core values are integral to our organizational culture, shaping the way we conduct business and fostering a collaborative environment with our clients and partners. 


Liam is a proficient dealmaker and a trusted point of contact for high-value and complex financing requests.

With nearly a decade of experience in the mortgage industry and a track record of serving the world’s most elite clientele, rest assured that you’re in capable hands for every financing need.