Demystifying Global Mortgage Market

The global mortgage market is fast-paced with lending criteria’s and product terms continually changing. The international broker network provides direct access to retail, challenger and private banks to ensure a whole-of-market and independent approach.

With over 300 global lenders across multi-jurisdictions it can be time consuming for an UHNW client to approach new banks and negotiate favourable mortgage terms.


Fortier has long standing relationships with specialist international lenders that might not be easily accessible to private client advisors or high net worth individuals.

As an independent mortgage broker, we provide client focused solutions combined with an array of international lending expertise and support network.

Our brokers are all multi-lingual, motivated and focused to getting a deal done.


An international debt advisor will look at the initial mortgage request; and assess the clients’ global assets, liabilities, income and fixed expenditures.

As an example, a HNW customer is looking to purchase a property in the French Alps around 10m EUR. The client is a non resident in France, finance pre-approved by acting broker and can pledge around 35% of assets with a private bank to complete the transaction; however, the client would also like to renovate the property at completion and this will cost an additional 2,5m EUR – the client doesn’t have the cash available to renovate the property.

As an independent broker, we can look at the initial request in France, but can also explore their other global assets to see if another cross border mortgage solution is available on the lending market. At a second glance, the client has an unencumbered property in the Balearic Islands with a value of 5m EUR and no debt.

The acting mortgage advisor can source a domestic lender who can provide an equity release on the Spanish property up to 60% LTV (dry) to support his project in the French Alps at sub 1,25% (+Euribor floored at 0) over 5 years.

All in all, not a bad way of releasing cash at historically low lending rates.


Our dedicated team has a proven track record of providing high value solutions in the following countries:

• France
• Monaco
• United Kingdom
• Italy
• Spain
• Switzerland
• Portugal

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Liam is a proficient dealmaker and a trusted point of contact for high-value and complex financing requests.

With nearly a decade of experience in the mortgage industry and a track record of serving the world’s most elite clientele, rest assured that you’re in capable hands for every financing need.